Monday, 20 June 2011

Miss America 2011 Video

Attracted crowned Miss Ohio newly Ellen Bryan and Miss Teen Ohio-based Barrett Kelsey rally Sunday in Richland Mall during the first official signature to the signature.
Said Brian (22 years) of Selena, she slept 90 minutes since he won the state title Saturday night in the theater of the Renaissance.
"This year I felt very comfortable," said Bryan, who won the crown on her third attempt as Miss Clayland. "It was so peaceful, and I felt just like me, so many years, I have tried to form other people, and Miss Americas, and this year, I just, you know, Ellen Bryan is good enough for me.
"It was a great, fun week," she said.
Barrett won, 17, of Wapakoneta, and the competition Miss Ohio Teen list on Tuesday night in the theater of the Renaissance.
A senior official in the Wapakoneta High School, won the crown on her fourth attempt. And talented vocalist, who entered the Miss teenage premium in Crystal Lake, also won the talent. Singer, she won the talent in every year to compete with.
She will next compete at the national level in Orlando, Florida.
Sunday, Barrett said she was still "on cloud nine.
"I've said it a million times, but I mean it," she said, surrounded by her parents, John and Lisa Barrett.
Her father said she is proud of the great father Holiday week.
"We had breakfast in the room," said Kelsey. "We have a session of the sign, then we will in the car and head home.'s Parents may be able to watch some NASCAR, and catch up on some sports, and that what he loves to do. It's his day."
Bryan just graduated from Ball State University, having majored in the field of communications. She hopes to become a new television presenter and reporter.
Platform as Miss Ohio is to "promote awareness of lightning. Hit her older sister, Christina (28 years) due to lightning 11 years ago.
"It's in a wheelchair, did not occur since then," she said.
Bryan said it's great to be able to do something positive for her sister and educate others about the lightning.
"Last night when I won, she was crying," said Bryan. "My father (Kent, Virginia) was absent when he was in fact being put on my crown because they were trying to take care of Christina, and was very emotional."
Sang Bryan, a talented singer, the "circle of life" from "Lion King" in the last week and the selection of her talent.
She said she is not sure if they will sing the same song in the Miss America.
"All of the papers are due within four weeks to Miss America," she said.
Will go to Orlando to support Brian Barrett in the Miss Teen America and the list.
The two women live about 20 minutes away in southwest Ohio.
Said Brian, Miss Ohio has a lot of plans.
"I want to do a bike tour in September, and go to all the hospitals of the Child Miracle Network, and travel by bicycles and raise money for them," she said.
The Bishop Page, 18, who volunteered in Ohio last week, Miss its ninth year, to support the new title holder.
"I was an assistant junior, and Gopher basis, and I helped chaperones," she said. "It was terrible.'
It was like family. Paige has a brother, and Bryce and the crew of the theater with his father, Jim Bishop. Price also took photographs.
Came the Miss North Coast Chelsi Homan, 18, of Ashland, to support and Brian Barrett.
"I'm planning to compete again next year," said Homan, a graduate of Crestview 2011 High School.
Asked Chelsea Stevens (18 years) and her brother Christian Stevens (15 years) of Shiloh, and two winners of the competition their own signatures.
"They're both very beautiful," said Chelsea.

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