Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Vidya Balan Bikini Video

It's kind of the things that you demand your attention at first glance.
Then determines the realization that perhaps can not Vidya Balan in black bikini on the cover of Men's Journal.
No one was killed actress Jessica is the latest to fall prey to being photoshopped on the Internet. In addition to the picture you see is doing the rounds of the Internet is one of manipulation.

There are a lot of the few gaps that give the trick away.
For one, Vidya was not in the city for some time and outside the country. Two, people close to the actress denied that she took pictures ever of this kind.

Three, the magazine in question denied that the actress on any cover them so far. Finally, and most importantly, put on it 'cause the annual "2011. Interesting, given that the year has only just begun.
After Sinha, Sonakshi, Vidya Balan has become the latest victim of Photoshop. It was found that the presentation of a picture of her in black bikini on the cover of men's magazine is one of manipulation.
And denied the magazine featuring Vidya Balan ever on the cover. It also marked the annual issue of a cover 2011, and which can not be true, as has just begun the year.
The Vidya Balan is not in the city, said a source close to actress she did not do this photo shoot.


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