Sunday, 17 April 2011

erin brockovich

Alec Hogg: Graaff – Reinet where Geraldine Bennett – Well, in this area, anyway. Geraldine, it’s temperatures up now. A lot of momentum in the hostility towards the Shell, including the title of a great story today: “What the hell, and Shell … who cares about Frank!” I think we care about them.
Geraldine Bennett: Ja. Hello, Alec, thanks. There are certainly developing flux. I’m noticing all the media, TKAG – Department of the Treasury in the workgroup Caro – actually appointed media relations firm to deal with the media. I’m sure you will be seen that now because there is only so much out. And of course still in the promotional campaign today. They have had Calvinia, and if I am not mistaken, there are probably a one-day continues.
Alec Hogg: I said “mobile” – what’s this? Geraldine Bennett: Well, the promotional tour is the second round of meetings Golder public participation, and this is coming to an end. It is a relationship with the environment management plan draft. Once you’ve completed this reality, then they are going to take off the draft environmental management plan, and then it will provide for the Pasha, Society of Petroleum.
Alec Hogg: Let me understand this – they have to go around and talk Caro in cities and tell the locals what they intend to do?
Geraldine Bennett: Yes, this is part of public participation. Of course it is 90 000 square kilometers, so a lot of travel they have to do. This is part of consciousness. But it does not seem investigations that have been made have been consultation with everyone. I think it’s too bulky to imagine that you can get everybody in 90 000 km
Alec Hogg: When we talked to Robert Johann, who is the Chairman of Richemont, is probably the most influential businessman in South Africa, and he says all that would like to see is Shell to put this on hold and take a little time and look better. Is there any indication of Royal Dutch Shell that it might consider that?
Geraldine Bennett: None. Nothing in this phase. I know that there are some areas that call for a halt until the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States has revealed the results for a moratorium on fracking, although Derek Light, a lawyer who represents, among other things, Johann Rupert and Princess Irene of the Netherlands, and thousands of other people in Caro, he does not actually want to call a halt to building on the results of the Environmental Protection Agency, a U.S. study. He says we have to do our own in our country, because we have a completely different geology.
Alec Hogg: Geraldine Bennett is our Erin Brockovich. It’s here, detect all kinds of interesting stories. There are wonderful things in Moneyweb that Geraldine was the obtaining of Caro. Go and have a look at that. I’m sure, whatever side of the fence may also be sitting on the whole story on the Shell oil company, will be better when I have to read what you have learned that Geraldine says. By the way, written by David Card and one of our colleagues in other Moneyweb, the shell side of the epic, which was very interesting to see – from the two regions. But at least this is what everything is. Get a better let us.

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