Saturday, 16 April 2011

friday night lights

You Friday Night Lights is the announcement about the return of the season as "the fifth and final season," and so, both the heart and heat of grief to fire up the first episode. I have the heart to heat one of the most enthusiastic, crazy fan of the show, and that if there was one fictional universe that I would like to live, it's Dillon (Texas) (and upscale Applebee's be damned). Also, I would not be reluctant to the idea of ​​marriage, Tim Riggins (Taylor or coach). I'm sad, and so on for all the same reasons. The silver lining, though, is to throw the book and prove that they are determined to close the show amazingly as I started: I measure the quality of each episode on the basis of my calculations tear and cheer, and proved this episode in high alike.

Ah, Dillon, Texas. How I missed you.

We launched a few months after the episode season four left ... Julie Taylor and Landry are preparing to fend off to greener pastures College; Tammy Taylor brought her enthusiasm unparalleled and positive advisor guidance to the halls of dismal Dillon East, was thrown Becky with her father, step mother and sister, child, while her mother works task vague in the north; Vince and Jess are going strong ( Although they may want to make sure that it is not cheating with Braverman Haddie more of paternity); Riggins and stayed three months in prison time; and Dillon Middle Lions are back - rejuvenated by some of the Tiger kicking ass last season - with a new attitude. Or at least not one and the same miserable last year.

The best part about this show is that it so perfectly captures a group of people who are trying to make the most of their lot. This is done with the subject through all the plotlines of "expectations". At the outset, Tammy, in her new direction as a consultant, and reach out to all parents, and many, many children lack 'in the Middle Dillon. And met with ridicule and failure in just about every turn - from a manager who does not have the necessary resources to meet its demands to parents who, frankly, you do not have the time or inclination, perhaps, to imagine a better life for their children. Even now, if anyone can meet adversity and I say this to screw off, it's Tammy Taylor. This is, without doubt, be the subject throughout the season.

Coach, too, is not intended to rest on him. While the assistant coaches sit around listening to Buddy Garrity Papal all things football (as tends to friends to do), confirms the coach, watches the game tape going. It is clear from the get-go that the Lions' previous 2-8 record is not an acceptable outcome for him now.

And it's not just Taylor. Steps toward salvation comes in places surprisingly - like in Vince, who became gradually a father figure to his brother, Jesse, and the like in the Billy Riggins, who is determined to do 180 with his life, apparently for his son, although it doesn 't take the shrink because he is also aware of compensation for detention time. Billy Taylor approach the coach in hopes of landing a job training assistant in the team. Huge Kudos to Kyle Chandler for his skill in this scene - it could be what is comic and cartoon back and forth between the two countries, and becomes, instead, the perfect blend of sympathy and suspicion, and a little faith, as well. Which, when I think about it, is exactly what we love most about Dillon population we have: their faith and compassion, grit their own.

Talking about the team, good old friends and his eyes on the recruitment of new - new agey basketball player who has the hands and the agility of the Gods: Hastings frizzy. (Friends for a coach whose name is Welsh.) Now, Hastings does not think much about the game of football, but like almost everyone else, he stumbles in the face of persuasion Coach Taylor (black and when I take it to the party, Wu him with a beer and a little bit of Jess sweet talk ). Hastings team boards the bus (and thus the team) just in time for the first game. Scenes of the game is blood bombing, the pulse of awareness of the feats of beauty, as they are always on offer, and after rallying from a deficit of three downs, the Lions grab first win of the year. (No. cheer me: one).

It has long been said, however, that this show is really not about football, and if there were any doubts, just watch the scenes of Taylor prepares to say goodbye to Julie. Kyle Chandler and Connie Bretton kill him, whether they are watching Julie eating breakfast her Account (s tear: one) or play table tennis (my calculations tear: two) or, in the final scene, when packs up engines in the car and go out for a new life has grown up in College (my calculations tear: three). Over the years, Taylor has been authorized for a lot of kids out into the world, but not goodbye as heart attack or a move as that of the oldest daughter of them. Both caught fire, and inspiring. As good as any win on the field. I can not wait to see what will happen after that.

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